U. S. Naval Academy

Class of 1979

'79 Flags
'79 Flag Officers


This is most of them!  From L-R:

Front Row: Shatynski, Harward, Penniman, Carr, Branch, Johnson, Spicer.
Second Row: Messerschmidt, Bayless, Shear, Moon, Quinn,Heinrich, Lemmons.
Third Row: Wray, Rice, Cloyd, Voetsch, Mulloy, Giardina.
Back Row: Flynn, Cullom, McGrath.
Not pictured: Mahon, Miller, VanBuskirk.  (September 2008)

United States Naval Academy Class of 1979
Flag and General Officers


United States Naval Academy Class of 1979

Flag and General Officers


Rear Admiral Jon W. Bayless, Jr., USNR (Ret.)  (25th Co)  *

Vice Admiral Ted N. Branch, USN (Ret) (22nd Co)

Rear Admiral Nevin P. Carr, Jr., USN (Ret.)  (36th Co)

Rear Admiral James D. (Dan) Cloyd, USN (Ret)  (4th Co)

Vice Admiral Philip H. Cullom, USN (Ret) (33rd Co)

Rear Admiral Timothy V. Flynn III, USN (Ret.)  (32nd Co)

Rear Admiral Timothy M. Giardina, USN (Ret) (11th Co)

Vice Admiral Robert S. Harward, Jr., USN (Ret.)  (2nd Co)

Rear Admiral Mark F. Heinrich, USN, SC (Ret.)  (18th Co)

Rear Admiral Arthur J. Johnson, USN (Ret.)  (36th Co)

Rear Admiral John E. Jolliffe, USNR (Ret)  (10th Co)

Rear Admiral Jeffrey A. Lemmons, USNR (Ret.)  (9th Co)

Rear Admiral Michael K. Mahon, USN (Ret.)  (31st Co)

Rear Admiral Patrick E. McGrath, USNR (Ret) (7th Co)

Rear Admiral John G. Messerschmidt, USNR (Ret.)  (2nd Co)

Vice Admiral John W. Miller, USN (Ret) (8th Co)

Rear Admiral Timothy D. Moon, USNR (Ret.)  (25th Co)

Vice Admiral Joseph P. Mulloy, USN (Ret) (18th Co)

Rear Admiral Russell S. Penniman, USNR (Ret.)  (20th Co)

Rear Admiral Donald P. Quinn, USN (Ret.)  (31st Co)

Rear Admiral Lawrence S. Rice, USN (Ret.)  (14th Co)

Rear Admiral Michael M. Shatynski, USNR (Ret.) (28th Co)

Rear Admiral Wayne (Greg) Shear, Jr., USN, CEC (Ret.)  (23rd Co)

Rear Admiral Raymond A. Spicer, USN (Ret.)  (17th Co)

Vice Admiral Scott R. Van Buskirk, USN (Ret.)  (18th Co)

Rear Admiral Stephen S. Voetsch, USN (Ret.)  (32nd Co)

Rear Admiral Robert O. Wray, Jr., USNR (Ret.)  (13th Co)


Lieutenant General Robert S. Walsh, USMC (Ret)  (11th Co)

Executive Branch Leadership

( -Equivalent) The Honorable Sean J. Stackley, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition (9th Co)

Peruvian Navy

Rear Admiral Jose N. Gonzales, PN (Ret.) (7th Co)

USN (Spouse)

Rear Admiral Margaret D. (Peg) Klein, USN, Class of 1981, Wife of Frank (1st Co)

* - Denotes First Class Flag Selectee              Bold Indicates Still on Active Duty

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